Monday, July 7, 2008

just a bit about me

well i have to start by saying, i've NEVER used blogspot before! i'm loyal to livejournal. i have a part time job at a quilt shop, which is super super fun! i sew the rest of the time. you can find my items at and -be sure to check them out!

i had been selling on ebay [for 4.5 years!] finally i heard about etsy and switched over. i've been on there for 2 years and its the best place ever! i'm sad it wasn't around when i first started out! i kind of hate ebay now, i never seem to sell things on there without something going wrong. so basically i refuse to use it or only use it when absolutely necessary.

i have a HUGE obsession with strawberries, i will buy anything with them on it. i even have one tattoo'd on me. i also collect electronics, what you say? well i own 4 cameras and 3 ipods. i only use the one ipod, i just had to have the others for no reason at all, next is the ipod touch!

if you're interested i'm also on myspace. i LOVE new friends! [although i'm bad at actually talking on there, i swear i comment back if you comment me!] so lets be friends!

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