Saturday, April 30, 2011

day 43

So yesterday I made reconstructed two pairs of jeans I bought thrifting into maternity pants... well sort of. the one pair was large enough to still button comfortably, I just took the legs in so they were more fitted and not ugly baggy 'skinny' jeans. I found a perfect pair of pink jeans that I added elastic to the top. I'm so in love. my first pair of colored jeans!!!!! can't beat 3 dollars. I also hemmed a pair of maternity shorts that folded up weird at the bottom, plus they were an awkward length for shorts, so I made them shorter. I'll try to post pictures at some point. Its cupcake baking day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

day 40

6 custom orders done. laundry almost done. kitchen clean. rent paid. refrigerator full. I'm tired now.

Monday, April 25, 2011

craft challenge: day 39

my exhaustion is coming back with vengeance! I haven't done much of anything lately. I cut out three gameboys, two etch a sketches and one strawberry skirt today.. I'm working on each slowly. I want to finish them by tomorrow evening.. Wednesday I'm doing some baby shower stuff with my friend Melanie, Thursday I have my midwife appointment, Friday I'm going food shopping for sunday, Saturday I'm baking cupcakes with my sister in law and Sunday is the baby shower. I'm so tired thinking of the week!

EDIT: okay so here is the gifts I started 4 years ago for my parents, I finished it for their 30th Anniversary today and tomorrow my dads 55th bday. They are both fairly small. The first is dragons with the bow tie design, the middle square is 3D. The second for my dad is a giant square block I found in a book, but since that was in 2007, I can't remember!

Today I reconstructed a shirt for myself. I found it in the "queens" section at the thrift store. I fell in love with the bow on the front and the print, the 2XL tag didn't scare me off. I forgot a before picture, which I shoulda done! The sleeves were long and huge. I took those off completely since its going to be hot soon, I added elastic at the waist and a little lower in the back. Its super flattering now!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

craft challenge: day 37

I missed A LOT of days... I've been soo tired I barely want to move. this sucks. I have about 5 orders to fill. I'm worried about my baby shower next weekend. I made favors tonight finally.

I'm finishing two items for my parents anniversary and dad's birthday on monday and tuesday. I started them about 4 years ago! talk about procrastination! I need to finish them tonight so I can take them tomorrow for easter dinner. haha. back to work!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

craft challenge: day 33

I need to stop blogging at midnight "the next day". its throwing me off! haha. anyways. I started off by sewing a new diaper with a new pattern. I'm not ecstatic about it but its alright. its the one on the right, the one from last night is on the left.

I also made two shirts, but the photos came out terrible.. Here's detailed shots because at least those look decent...

I'm going to take better ones during the daytime and list them on etsy tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

craft challenge: day 32

so today I didn't sew anything exciting. just 3 gameboys & an etch a sketch skirt... I did make a diaper but I didn't take a picture. I'm probably just boring you all with my repetitive nature.

I hope tomorrow I can think of something NEW to sew! feel free to give me ideas. haha <3 I wish I could figure out a good mode to shoot with my camera. I always end up with dark photographs. well... maybe shooting at night is my first problem.. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

craft challenge: day 31


So today Tom and I were watching some epic meal time.... came across this beauty.

that gave birth to me doing this:

inside out shepherds pie. boy let me tell you. it was delightful.

2.5 pounds of ground beef
1 pound bacon
5 potatoes, boiled in beef broth, mashed with butter
half bag small carrots, chopped, boiled in chicken broth
1 can corn
[peas if you want, but tom hates them]

I made the meat blanket with worcestershire sauce and an egg to hold it together. I wish I would have baked the bacon a little longer, but thats okay, I guess it was cooked enough since none of us are sick.. My brother and Tom's sister came to help demolish it. I think it weighed close to 5 pounds or more finished. IT WAS SO GOOD. hahahahahahahahhahaha

craft challenge: day 30

missed a day again! ahhh! I spent all day cleaning. by all day, I seriously mean 6 hours. the only place I didn't clean was my sewing room. I did almost all our laundry too, including pillows. haha! I got new snaps for making diapers. The one I used for this diaper has skulls on them! sooo cute, not sure if the picture shows it, but I tried.

My friend in Milwaukee is having a baby girl. I told her I'd make a strawberry onsie... since my baby won't be wearing one. 

here it is!

I love it so much. I wish I was having a girl! but thats okay. maybe the next baby, if I decide to have one... I don't think I like being kicked anyways. It hurts! Plus the odd feeling when he drags his body parts across the inside of my uterus. wtf ! I hate that sensation. 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

craft challenge: day 28

so I didn't craft yesterday, oops! I had a midwife checkup today, I'm going to have to start going every 2 weeks now! Tomorrow I'm going to get bloodwork and a glucose test. I'm RH- so I think I have to get that rhogam shot. Afterwards I whipped up a bathing suit top.

affffter that, we had our lamaze class, we toured the hospital I'm going to give birth in. Now we're home and I'm tired. night :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

craft challenge: day 26

i made a gameboy and a new sushi tank today. that is all.

i did manage to put it on my mannequin crooked. oops.

Monday, April 11, 2011

craft challenge: day 25

I made a wall hanging for the baby room. I'm going to have everyone who comes to my baby shower sign it. I used this super simple pattern I found online: Rainbow Bunting Baby Quilt

its not perfect, but thats okay. I made it in two and a half hours I think. Hopefully tomorrow I sew more than one thing. My allergies are making my eyes so swollen. I can't stop itching them! ughhhhhh.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

day 24; lazy

today was over 80 degrees. I'm hot and tired. my eyes are swollen and my nose is stuffed. I hate this time of year, but love it at the same time! no craft. I'm so tired.. so so tired.

day 23

So I'm into my third trimester! 28 weeks. holy crap. I looked back at my 26 week photo and my belly is HUGE now. haha. my strawberry is getting so stretched! I try to take weekly photos but lately I've been forgetting. Its been like every 2 instead...

Seriously might as well change this to diaper a day blog. 
I made another just for daddy.

I scored this awesome fabric panel from the thrift store today for 75cents. I want to buy a large frame to hang in the baby room. Its from 1985! it was brand new in its packaging with instructions & batting to make a wall hanging or quilt. so aweeeesome.

I signed up on today. I've also been obsessed with reading I just want to know everything I possibly can about them. I bought the detergent they recommended, so I hope I don't run into any problems! I purchased snap pliers today from plus 500 snaps. I got ones with skulls on them. soo cute. I'm also waiting for my blue foldover elastic to come in the mail so I can make some diaper covers. Okay, I'm going to go back to reading forums about diapers now :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

day 22

Today was very frustrating. I normally sleep in but for some reason I couldn't fall back asleep so I've been awake since 7am. I'm so tired and irritated. Tom tried making churros but pretty much set the kitchen on fire... well not really but he burned oil and got it EVERYWHERE. so I had to clean the floors and stove. ugh.

Plus I was annoyed I messed up a diaper and had to throw it out. I couldn't save the snaps or anything! I did put some elastic in these maternity pants I tried making a while ago and now they fit.  I also successfully made 3 diapers. I only have one pic tonight. The third dipe isn't quite finished, it still has pins sticking out the top. haha.

the top is a newborn size and the other two are smalls.

Friday, April 8, 2011

day 21

I reconstructed a regular tshirt into more of a maternity shirt. I sewed some roses and added pearls to the centers. plus I made a ruffle down the side. I haven't tried it on yet... lol

I also made another newborn diaper. I'll probably be making one of these a day from now on.

time for bed!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

day 20

I haven't started sewing yet today, but I went thrifting with a friend and found this amazing smoothie maker! I'm sooooo excited for it. I've been talking about one for so long just never wanted to chuck out 15+ dollars for one. well I found the most amazing one today, except it had NO price on it. WHAT???? so I walked to the nearest / easiest sticker I could peel off and stuck it on. I looked down and it said $0.99. HAHA! I walked straight to the register and purchased my new blender for 1 dollar! can't beat that shit!

I did hang those shelves today too. I needed space for my new blender and the coffee pot was in the way.

EDIT: I made some diapers! I bought a new pattern. I think I mentioned it in the last post. anyways, I really like how its different sizes. I made a newborn with a dipped belly for the belly button and a size small.

I haven't added velcro to this one because I need to buy a bit bigger and heavier duty velcro. I think I may start using snaps instead though.

The striped flannel was thrifted, I think I got around 3 yards for $3.50. I used PUL on the newborn size to try it out. I totally made it wrong but whatever.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

day 19

so far no craft today :( but i'll still blog about my day! I had many errands to run, bank, grocery shopping, joann fabrics, parents house and also cleaning & laundry! I bought some PUL fabric for making diapers. its waterproof. I found it at joanns for 9.99 plus I had a 40% off coupon. I couldn't even find it online for cheaper! that never happens. I bought it in baby blue, I also got some remnant fleece in baby blue & "lettuce" green.

I ended up breaking down and buying the darling diapers pattern for $12.50. I just downloaded it and am going to head to my other computer to print it off. I found a few youtube videos where they use that pattern and it seems a lot better than the free one I got. I'll either try one tonight, or do that tomorrow after I shop with my bff Melanie for a new couch. Alright, I'm off to switch some loads of laundry.

oh yeah and the best part of today were these mandarin oranges I bought:
most of them have funny little stickers on them. made my day!

Monday, April 4, 2011

day 18

I tried making a cushion for my rocking chair, but I kind of failed. I have no idea how I measured it so short. haha! next time..... plus I think I want foam instead of just stuffing.

and this is Tom; my fiance, dirty from work about to shower and eating a spicy sucker from a co-worker. he was mid-sentence trying to choke out how spicy it was.

I also attempted this reusable diaper pattern, I like how easy it was to sew, but its SO LARGE! I will have to open a pack of newborn diapers and compare size. I want him to wear them at least after 1 or 2 months.

I recycled it from a burp cloth I bought at the thrift store for 99cents. So with about 12 inches of elastic, I think the whole diaper cost around $1.20. IF THAT! I like it a lot.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

craft challenge: day 17

I didn't feel very well yesterday at all. I freaked myself out and didn't think I felt the baby for a super long time. So I called one of those nurse hotlines and she recommended that I go to the hospital. Of course I did that and within seconds of being strapped in with the heart monitor and what not, he started moving. I swear I wasn't making it up though! I felt like such an idiot.

Today was my 24th birthday. My fiance got me a new pink hairdryer and a 1in curling iron. I'm pretty excited!! My mom also came over and helped me stuff some invite envelopes for the baby shower... They are going out so much later then I wanted. Oops.

I made a baby quilt today! Its out of the fabric I purchased from the joanns going out of business here. We started setting up the nursery too. We mostly just organized the furniture, which my dad bought me off craigslist. Good old Ikea furniture, its so stinkin' cute.

I wanted to make something SUPER simple for the fact I only had two fabrics. I was lucky I had some brown & green for binding! I used this "Nine Patch" pattern, stitched-in-the-ditch around the middle piece and did a diagonal across the 9in blocks. Then I just did a zig-zag to hold the binding down. I love love love this. Took me about 2 hours total.

<3 Amber

Friday, April 1, 2011

craft challenge: day 15

does giving myself a haircut count?? it took me like an hour to do. my hair has been growing so oddly. underneath and the back grow insanely fast, but it seems the top and sides stay the same length, no matter what! plus my bang area seems to be thinning out, wtf???

 anyways, I took a before and after pic, I look awful! for some reason my face doesn't look the same to me, my nose looks huge??? ugh, I blame the pregnancy. My glasses gave me a unibrow shadow too, so attractive, lol.



I semi regret cutting the bangs, they won't go behind my ear and are already annoying me! blahhhhh, oh wells. I should have taken back photos. thats where most of the change is. I had that "V" growing in the back, I pulled it into a ponytail and chopped it like that. I tried adding some layers, its not to bad actually.

There, I look normal here. haha