Wednesday, April 6, 2011

day 20

I haven't started sewing yet today, but I went thrifting with a friend and found this amazing smoothie maker! I'm sooooo excited for it. I've been talking about one for so long just never wanted to chuck out 15+ dollars for one. well I found the most amazing one today, except it had NO price on it. WHAT???? so I walked to the nearest / easiest sticker I could peel off and stuck it on. I looked down and it said $0.99. HAHA! I walked straight to the register and purchased my new blender for 1 dollar! can't beat that shit!

I did hang those shelves today too. I needed space for my new blender and the coffee pot was in the way.

EDIT: I made some diapers! I bought a new pattern. I think I mentioned it in the last post. anyways, I really like how its different sizes. I made a newborn with a dipped belly for the belly button and a size small.

I haven't added velcro to this one because I need to buy a bit bigger and heavier duty velcro. I think I may start using snaps instead though.

The striped flannel was thrifted, I think I got around 3 yards for $3.50. I used PUL on the newborn size to try it out. I totally made it wrong but whatever.

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cb said...

that is one rad blender! the color is super awesome too! you really can't beat $1! nice score!