Monday, April 25, 2011

craft challenge: day 39

my exhaustion is coming back with vengeance! I haven't done much of anything lately. I cut out three gameboys, two etch a sketches and one strawberry skirt today.. I'm working on each slowly. I want to finish them by tomorrow evening.. Wednesday I'm doing some baby shower stuff with my friend Melanie, Thursday I have my midwife appointment, Friday I'm going food shopping for sunday, Saturday I'm baking cupcakes with my sister in law and Sunday is the baby shower. I'm so tired thinking of the week!

EDIT: okay so here is the gifts I started 4 years ago for my parents, I finished it for their 30th Anniversary today and tomorrow my dads 55th bday. They are both fairly small. The first is dragons with the bow tie design, the middle square is 3D. The second for my dad is a giant square block I found in a book, but since that was in 2007, I can't remember!

Today I reconstructed a shirt for myself. I found it in the "queens" section at the thrift store. I fell in love with the bow on the front and the print, the 2XL tag didn't scare me off. I forgot a before picture, which I shoulda done! The sleeves were long and huge. I took those off completely since its going to be hot soon, I added elastic at the waist and a little lower in the back. Its super flattering now!

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