Tuesday, April 5, 2011

day 19

so far no craft today :( but i'll still blog about my day! I had many errands to run, bank, grocery shopping, joann fabrics, parents house and also cleaning & laundry! I bought some PUL fabric for making diapers. its waterproof. I found it at joanns for 9.99 plus I had a 40% off coupon. I couldn't even find it online for cheaper! that never happens. I bought it in baby blue, I also got some remnant fleece in baby blue & "lettuce" green.

I ended up breaking down and buying the darling diapers pattern for $12.50. I just downloaded it and am going to head to my other computer to print it off. I found a few youtube videos where they use that pattern and it seems a lot better than the free one I got. I'll either try one tonight, or do that tomorrow after I shop with my bff Melanie for a new couch. Alright, I'm off to switch some loads of laundry.

oh yeah and the best part of today were these mandarin oranges I bought:
most of them have funny little stickers on them. made my day!

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