Sunday, April 17, 2011

craft challenge: day 30

missed a day again! ahhh! I spent all day cleaning. by all day, I seriously mean 6 hours. the only place I didn't clean was my sewing room. I did almost all our laundry too, including pillows. haha! I got new snaps for making diapers. The one I used for this diaper has skulls on them! sooo cute, not sure if the picture shows it, but I tried.

My friend in Milwaukee is having a baby girl. I told her I'd make a strawberry onsie... since my baby won't be wearing one. 

here it is!

I love it so much. I wish I was having a girl! but thats okay. maybe the next baby, if I decide to have one... I don't think I like being kicked anyways. It hurts! Plus the odd feeling when he drags his body parts across the inside of my uterus. wtf ! I hate that sensation. 


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Ashley Doll said...

How cute! I'm totally going to make my own baby clothes.