Friday, April 1, 2011

craft challenge: day 15

does giving myself a haircut count?? it took me like an hour to do. my hair has been growing so oddly. underneath and the back grow insanely fast, but it seems the top and sides stay the same length, no matter what! plus my bang area seems to be thinning out, wtf???

 anyways, I took a before and after pic, I look awful! for some reason my face doesn't look the same to me, my nose looks huge??? ugh, I blame the pregnancy. My glasses gave me a unibrow shadow too, so attractive, lol.



I semi regret cutting the bangs, they won't go behind my ear and are already annoying me! blahhhhh, oh wells. I should have taken back photos. thats where most of the change is. I had that "V" growing in the back, I pulled it into a ponytail and chopped it like that. I tried adding some layers, its not to bad actually.

There, I look normal here. haha


Ashley Doll said...

Great job! I cut my own hair, too, just the other day and at first it was a disaster! I had to take a break from it and finish later lol.

RurouniInuGirl said...

The haircut is cute! I usually let me sideswept bangs sit on top of my glasses so that it's not in the way. XD