Wednesday, April 20, 2011

craft challenge: day 33

I need to stop blogging at midnight "the next day". its throwing me off! haha. anyways. I started off by sewing a new diaper with a new pattern. I'm not ecstatic about it but its alright. its the one on the right, the one from last night is on the left.

I also made two shirts, but the photos came out terrible.. Here's detailed shots because at least those look decent...

I'm going to take better ones during the daytime and list them on etsy tomorrow.


cb said...

you are so amazing! making diapers!! are you going to do the diaper pick up? i would love to use cloth diapers and then have someone else wash them!


sewoeno said...

hehehe. no i think i'm going to wash them myself. i've been reading so much information and it really seems like no big deal. just a cold rinse first then a regular hot wash with special soap.