Saturday, April 9, 2011

day 22

Today was very frustrating. I normally sleep in but for some reason I couldn't fall back asleep so I've been awake since 7am. I'm so tired and irritated. Tom tried making churros but pretty much set the kitchen on fire... well not really but he burned oil and got it EVERYWHERE. so I had to clean the floors and stove. ugh.

Plus I was annoyed I messed up a diaper and had to throw it out. I couldn't save the snaps or anything! I did put some elastic in these maternity pants I tried making a while ago and now they fit.  I also successfully made 3 diapers. I only have one pic tonight. The third dipe isn't quite finished, it still has pins sticking out the top. haha.

the top is a newborn size and the other two are smalls.

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