Sunday, November 20, 2011

my son

gosh time seriously flies. Loken is already 5 months old. 

just about one week old:

he likes sleeping with his arms up:

around 1 month old he lost all the hair on top of his head:

started growing hair at 2 months old:
plus he started getting CHUNKY.

my mom grew a huge zucchini:

started smiling around 2.5 months:

here he is at 13 weeks:

15 weeks:

4 months:

met my friends daughter:

18 weeks (and 18lbs already, HUGE): 

then we put him in a pumpkin (oct. 24th):

dressed him up for halloween:

went to lego kids fest:

played with my friends dogs at 5 months:

and every night; he laughs at getting naked:

so there's my son! he's going to be 21 weeks on monday. i can't believe it!

1 comment:

cb said...

he is the cutest stinkin little nugget ever! his little smile just melts my heart. oh he is just so precious! way to make a baby! hehe that sounds so silly!