Wednesday, March 30, 2011

craft challenge: day 13

I finally got batteries for my camera! I'm a terrible person, I didn't actually do a craft today, but I did take photos of necklaces I made 2 weeks ago. I'm going to post them on etsy after this. I was super tired today for some reason. Tomorrow I'm going to my fiance's grandmothers funeral in the morning... weird situation really. after my mom is coming over to finish painting the baby room! Now to find appropriate clothes for tomorrow.......


EDIT: so my belly makes all my black dresses WAY to short and none of my dress pants button... I ended up having to give in and sew a belly band. So I ended up with a craft for the day on accident. haha. super simple, i added elastic to the top and just nicely hemmed the bottom, since thats the only part you'll see from under my shirt. I made it extra long to cover my pants and not have it ride up either.

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Audrey said...

What a good idea! I wish I would have been sewing when I was pregnant - then I wouldn't have spent a ton of money on pants I only wore for 4 of 5 months. :/