Friday, March 18, 2011

craft challenge!

so lately I haven't been motivated to sew. its probably the pregnancy... I want to force myself back into it so I'm going to start a craft challenge until I give birth. I'll post all sorts of things, home, nursery, baby, clothing, maternity clothing, accessories, jewelry.. anything I craft. I'll try to post at least ONE project a day. but I'll shoot for more.

Today I turned some UGLY 80's pants into maternity things. Its hard to find any jeans that fit in my size, its like they don't exist.

I only took one before pic of the animal print pair, forgot the other... thanks to my boyfriend who can barely use my camera, haha.

Here's what i turned them into!

&&&& these awesome floral print pants:

and i think i should invest in a tripod sometime soon... leaning the camera against things just doesn't work well.

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Ashley Doll said...

Eff the jeans--stretchy pants rule!!! (And I'm not even prego.) Congrats on your baby, how exciting!