Wednesday, March 23, 2011

craft challenge: day 5&6

oh dear! i'm already slacking. yesterday i was distracted by my brother. he called asking if i could help shave his cat because he has fleas. so i told him i would do that. we went out and bought advantage because that stuff works in 24 hours!

so meet Clyde: my favorite 3 legged kitty. [he was shot in the leg and my brother adopted him] poor kitty though, we seriously did a hack job on him. haha


march 23, 2011

The only thing I made today was another gameboy, but i will be making A LOT of those so i will spare you a pic.

instead, i made empanadas for dinner as request by my fiance.
here is the dough recipe &
the filling, which i kind of didn't follow exactly...


in other news; my local joann fabrics is going out of business. i figured ribbon & buttons at 75% off, i'll buy some! plus it's a boy ribbon will be perfect for my baby shower may 1st. I also got some fabric to make the boy some pj pants, some batting for the baby crib quilt and other stuff to make clothes.

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